Volunteer Interview with Nicole Gindling

InterviewNext, we are speaking with valued volunteer Nicole Gindling. She is entering the 10th grade at Victor Senior High this year.  Nicole has been volunteering for over three years so it’s about time we stopped to thank this Farmington native.
    Thank you for talking to us  Nicole and thank you for all the hard work all these years. What made you decide to volunteer?
       I absolutely love being around books and the library staff along with all of the people there creates a great environment for everyone and I want to make sure that I continue to be a part of the library.

There is something calming walking into the library.  You keep coming back and we appreciate it. What are you getting out of volunteering here?
     Volunteering has taught me many things and helped me learn immensely. It has helped me be more able to do research on things and get ideas, because when I shelve books I usually have to look at their titles so I'm usually able to remember titles and topics that I can search for again or use later.
What are you going to use them later for?  
  I am going to use the ideas and research that I find to write. I plan on making writing and reading a lifetime hobby!
 Great answer!  So how about the last good book you’ve read?
      That's a hard question because I have read so many amazing books recently! My favorite out of the ones that I have read recently is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

 A very popular series with an interesting premise.  How about a Favorite childhood book?
 The Harry Potter series is my absolute favorite book series from my childhood, I really can't choose between the books in the series because they are all so amazing!

 My wife can’t go a day without quoting something from Rowling. Really a magical series, pardon the pun.  So last question, how about a favorite board game?
            I really like the board game Ghost Party.

 I’ll have to look that one up.  Thank you again for all your help Nicole and have a great school year!