Meeting Rooms

meeting rooms

  • The Malone Room is a larger, 25 x 30ft, room for larger meetings and VFL programs.
  • The Small Meeting Room is available for small group meetings, tutoring or just some quiet time to study.  This room can fit 8-10 people comfortably.

Meeting Room Policy

The Victor Farmington Library currently has two meeting rooms available for public use: the larger Malone Room and the Small Meeting Room.

The primary use of these rooms are for library sponsored activities.  The Friends of the Victor Farmington Library and Victor Farmington Library activities are given priority in use of the meeting rooms.  Any remaining time may be scheduled by outside organizations.

Meeting rooms will be available during regular library hours.  Any meetings must be concluded by library closing time.

Maximum capacity for the Malone Room is 44 people.

Maximum capacity for the Small Meeting Room is 10 people.

Requests may not be made more than three months in advance of the date needed.

The Library must be notified promptly of cancellations.

The meeting rooms will not be available when the library is closed for any reason.

Any publicity involving the use of the meeting rooms will require mention of the sponsoring group.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited.  Sponsoring organizations are responsible for set-up, clean up, and removal of trash.

All meetings/programs must be free and open to the public.

Any meetings lasting two hours or longer will be charged a $10 per hour rate.

The library is not responsible for lost articles.

The use of the library’s meeting rooms does not constitute an endorsement of an organization’s policies or beliefs.

Policy for public use of the meeting rooms is determined by the Board of Trustees of the Victor Farmington Library and administered by the library director or designate.  The Board reserves the right to amend this policy any time without notice.

Approved by Board of Trustees 24 Sept 1996

Revisions approved 24 Sept 2013

Revisions approved 22 March 2016

Revisions approved 27 Feb 2018