Staff Interview March 2015 Jane Durham

Jane lunch  In the Second of our Staff of the Month interviews, we meet Jane Durham, Youth Services Assistant at the Victor Farmington Library.  Jane has been at VFL for over two decades and has seen a lot of changes. 

Interview by Andrew Ceyton


      Hey Jane, it’s great to talk to you.  So let’s start with some basics.  What’s your background, education-wise and job-wise?  
        Thanks Andrew, I am a graduate of SUNY Fredonia with a degree in Elementary Education. Following graduation I worked with preschool children in the nursery and day care setting for 12 years. During that time I also married, became a mom to 3 boys and volunteered at the library doing some of the story times.
         When I was teaching I would get bags of books for my classroom and for my children and from doing that they got to know me very well at the library. When there was an opening on weekends I took it and eventually became full time.

   How long have you been in the area?  How has the village of Victor changed since then?  
      My husband and I have lived in the Victor – Farmington area for 35 years. The village has changed very much since we moved here. I can remember the Post Office on Main Street, the part of the village that burned and the old library.

      I’ve seen pictures of the old hotel that burned.  In fact part of my house has brick from that building.  There has got to be so many differences in the last 35 years.  Speaking of change, what changes at VFL in your time here have you been most excited about and/or looking forward to?
      The move to the bigger building was exciting and all the new programs we are having now is great for the community.

     It’s inspiring, right?  Tim’s doing a great job.  Let’s be fair, what do you get nostalgic about concerning the old Victor Library?
     The coziness of the old library.  Arm chairs with table lamps made it very homey, especially in the adult room.  The staff that I have worked with over the 21 years, some whom I miss very much.

      Arm chairs and table lamps sound great.  Maybe a little dangerous, I already spend most of my time here.  So besides Staff assigned arm chairs, if you could have just one pie-in-the-sky wish granted for VFL, what would it be? Think Big.  
      A bigger building, a whole floor for the children's area would be great.
      Definitely.  You do some of the Storytimes and Toddler Times, so you see a lot of children’s books.  What was Your Favorite Childhood book?  
       Ferdinand from my childhood.
       Llama Llama Red Pajama from story times. I love to act out some stories with my voice. This one I can really "get into".

      Favorite song to sing with the kids? 

                Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Monkeys Swinging From the Tree, and Here is Thumpkin.

     Best book read recently?
     “Everything I need to know I learned from the Golden Books”.  I have many fond memories from Golden Books.  I had quite a large collection when I was a child and I added to it when my sons were small.

     And our final ‘wacky’ question, what famous person do you wish could just follow around?  
     Tom Selleck  

        And there you go, Tom Selleck wins.  Next month, we're going to try and talk to Lynne Madden, Youth Services Specialist.  Have a great March!  To re-read last month's interview, click here